This Is How To Inject Focus Into Your Work Day

Get To Inbox Zero In 6 Simple Steps

Steph Munden on

Step 1 — Get a Task Management System

Step 2 — Make Your Intentions Known

“I’m in the process of implementing a new system of managing my email. Part of this means that I will only be checking my inbox three times per day. You may have gotten used to being able to get an immediate response from me by email, but that will no longer be the case. I will still be reading your emails, and responding as necessary and in a timely manner, but my response may be more delayed than what you’re used to. If you truly need an immediate response, please call me or send a text message.”

Step 3 — Hide Your Inbox

It is possible to have a home screen without email.

Step 4 — Schedule Your Email Time

Step 5 — Day 1 of Email Three Times Per Day

Step 6 — Day 2 and Beyond of Email Three Times Per Day



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